Mosaic Classes




Enjoy creating beautiful mosaics, completely mess- free!
Cut your own tiles out of clay and create amazing art!
It’s a new approach to mosaic art that we’ve been teaching here at our studio for three years.
It produces astonishing results every time. Since you cut your own tiles out of colorful bundles of clay, you have more control over the results of your mosaics. Tiles can be cut into any shape and out of any color.




Here is how it works;
After choosing the design you would like to make, book a session with us to come and create.
The session involves first painting the basic design, then cutting tiles for your mosaic out of clay and finally assembling your tiles on top. The result is a beautiful and unique mosaic of your own creation to be proud of and enjoy for the years to come.

Both 8 x 10″ and 11 x 14″ artworks will be framed at the studio for free!

You may choose bigger sizes to create as well.
Best for custom made gifts or school group projects and fundraisers.
We will come to your school for group projects.

Every year, local schools that participated in our mosaics projects, raised $850.00 – $1800.00 on each piece of artwork. Contact us to book a session, today!
Tel: (925)727-3137, sales@colorbundles.com