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Everyone loves a party and we provide space for not only a party but a painting lesson for you and entire your group. Gather together with friends and family and book your space in one of our fun Painting Events! Choose a painting date to join as a group or individually. We will direct you step by step on how to create your masterpieces!

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Indulge yourself in a new and fun experience to paint on a pre sketched canvas, with unique painting designs to cherish for many years to come! Each Event Includes:

An 11×14″ Pre Sketched Canvases for each participant, Step by step instructions plus Free Desserts & Refreshments. 

  • $35/Person, Kids (7 & Up – Adult)
  • Bring your friends with you to have more fun!

A great way to spend quality time with your family and friends! Contact us to book your space or for more information at:

Tel: (925) 727-3137  sales@colorbundles.com 

** Holiday Events 2019 **

Paint your masterpiece to give as a gift to someone special on your list!

With Free Desserts & refreshments. Bring along friends /family to have more fun!

Paint  *Starry Night Over the Sea * 

Special Painting Workshops to Paint Your House on a Pre Sketched Canvas”

Send a photo of your house, it will be sketched on a 16×20″ canvas prior to your first session. Step by step instructions by our artist will guide you to paint your masterpiece to be cherrised for many years to come!
$100/ One 16×20″ sketched canvas, $20/hr, until finish.

Contact us tosign up and for more informationsend an email tosales@colorbundles.com